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Hello P.S.C. Families

As a Club we are assuming that we will be a full participant in the NHSL Fall Soccer Season. There are many variables outside our control, but this email is sent with the hope that soccer will be played this Fall.

Please take the time to read below.

The Pelham Soccer Club exists to promote the development of youth in our community through participation in athletic competition. Our goal is to provide an environment that encourages social and physical development. We are committed to providing participants with the opportunity to develop athletically and personally in a positive, supportive, and safe environment. The Pelham Soccer Club
encourages and promotes ethical and moral behavior, good sportsmanship, community involvement and good citizenship.

Many of those that are currently volunteering their time and assistance with the PSC have players that will soon be aging out of their program. In order to continue our mission long into the future, the PSC needs your help to pass the torch on to a new group of dedicated people.

All Positions below are open for Volunteers to Request and/or Nominations to be made:

TO BE VERY CLEAR most of our current volunteers plan to continue with PSC Fall 2020. Our Goal during this volunteer push is to put the “RIGHT PERSON” in the “RIGHT POSITION FIRST” and then we will round out the club needs with our current staff. I hope that this makes sense to all that read this.

We are just thinking differently this year as we try to put the best possible future leadership in place for the kids!

Board Positions

Required to attend PSC Monthly Meetings and Vote on the direction of all Club Activities.


The President shall preside at all meetings / form and agenda and shall be General Manager of PSC thus executing the policies established by PSC Board of Directors.

Vice President

The Vice President shall act in the absence of the President with the same authority and shall perform other duties as assigned by the membership.


The Secretary shall be responsible for all communications, both internal and external, and shall keep the official records of PSC, including minutes of all meetings,

Player/Coach Development Coordinator

The Player/Coach Development Coordinator shall be responsible for overseeing proper player and coach placement within PSC. This person is also responsible for ensuring that coaches meet all licensing requirements.


The Treasurer shall oversee all accounting duties of PSC and provide a budget for club expenses versus registration fees and fundraising funds.

Field and Location Manager

The Field Coordinator shall be in charge of the fields, referees, game schedules, and game reschedules.

Officer Positions

Required to attend PSC Monthly Meetings and Provide Feedback on the direction of all Club Activities.

Fundraising Manager

Fundraising Manager will develop fundraising opportunities in the community and support people and groups who want to engage in fundraising activities.

Website Administrator

The Website Administrator will maintain/update all content on This administrator will also be responsible for setting up PSC online registrations over the full season.


The Registrar shall be responsible for registration of teams, players and coaches, and shall be responsible for assignment of team numbers. The registrar will need to communicate with Equipment Manager for Uniform needs.

Equipment Manager

The Equipment Manager and shall oversee the equipment needs of the club including the ordering of uniforms for all players and coaches. The board will make decisions on needs such as soccer balls, nets, pinnies, flags, paint and communicate with the equipment manager.

Park and Recreation Liaison

The Park and Recreation Liaison shall communicate all club needs and issues to Park and Rec. staff.

Volunteer Positions

Encouraged to attend PSC Monthly Meetings and Provide Feedback on the direction of all Club Activities.


Soccer experience is certainly not necessary.  We have struggled in recent years to find parents to help coach. This season more than ever we need people to step up for the kids!

Kick Off Cookout Lead

Organizes all volunteers for set up, activities, cooking, and Audio needed for successful event.

Tryout Support

Organizes July/August Tryouts for all age groups in Club.

Please express your interest and/or nominate someone you know that you think would be great candidate for any of the positions by responding to:

[email protected]

With your name, position requested and/or nomination name, and contact number.

From those of us that have been part of this club for many years, believe me it is not always easy being a volunteer- but when you see all the kids developing, having fun, and feeling part of a team it balances it all out!

PSC Board