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Tot & Rec Soccer Info

Recreation Soccer (known in Pelham as World Cup Soccer) is played in the Fall and is run by the Town of Pelham Parks & Recreation office (not the Pelham Soccer Club).  For more info on Rec Soccer click the following link to be directed to Pelham Parks & Recreation website.

For information or questions regarding the difference between Pelham Travel Soccer and Pelham Rec Soccer please contact us at [email protected] or click the following link:  Club vs Rec Soccer

Club vs Rec Soccer


Pelham Soccer Club vs. Pelham Parks & Rec Soccer

How to decide what is right for your child and your family

Two of the most frequently asked questions we get are:

"What is the Pelham Soccer Club?" and “How is it different than recreational soccer?”

Recreational Soccer

There is no selection/tryout process. Skill evaluations may be held to form teams in a fair and balanced method. All players who register are assigned to a team as long as space is available on team rosters. There is a one-time registration fee of $55 to play in the fall.

Players benefit from the opportunity for social interaction with other players their own age and physical fitness aspects of the game while also developing better soccer skills.

All games are usually held at a local location every Saturday morning for 6-8 weeks. Typically, coaches are parent volunteers who will hold 1-2 practices per week with limited attendance commitment.

Competitive Soccer

Tryouts are held to identify players on the basis of talent and ability. Players selected for Pelham Soccer Club teams are committing to their team for one year (August 1 - July 31 of the following year).  Additionally, players selected are also financially committing to their team for one seasonal year. Teams qualify for competition based on performance in the previous season and play in the NH Soccer League. Teams play an 8 games season each fall and spring and will likely see travel to local and regional towns; but at times travel can extend to towns further away (Conway, Keene) based on divisional play.  This no doubt requires time and commitment.  The seasonal year is divided into a Fall season and Spring season with half of the games at home, in Pelham, and the other half away.  There are also opportunities for teams to play in tournaments throughout each season.  It is likely that teams will also take part in some sort of winter training or league play. 

All coaches are licensed and PSC hires professional trainers to work with each team, each week throughout the season.

How do I know what's right for my child and my family?

Before committing to a competitive soccer team, you should evaluate several things about your child and your lifestyle:

-Am I, the parent, willing to make the financial commitment of the club fees and travel expenses for a seasonal year?

-Am I, the parent, willing to make the commitment of getting my child to two practices per week during the season?  Teams typically practice mid-August through mid-November, and March 15- mid-June.

-Am I, the parent, willing to make the commitment of getting my child to games on the weekend, (Saturday and/or Sunday) even out of town games which could require extensive travel?

-Am I, the parent, willing to allow my child to play some games on Sunday or even during a weeknight in the event of a reschedule?

-Am I, the parent, willing to make the commitment of getting my child to play-off games if their team advances requiring additional travel?

-Does my child have time in their schedule? Can he/she balance school, homework, school sports, and/or other extra curricular activities to commit to a competitive team?

Competitive Travel Soccer

Recreational Soccer

Pelham Soccer Club

Pelham Parks & Rec

The Big Picture

Club soccer has more dedicated players that travel to play their games. Often times, club teams will play in local or regional tournaments to compete at higher levels of soccer. The coaching staff is usually licensed and has typically played competitive High School, College, or Professional level soccer and they have a wealth of knowledge to share with the younger players when it comes to player development. Often times Club programs will hire coaches and trainers to increase the overall level of soccer that is offered.

Rec soccer is designed to get children involved with the sport; get them out playing the game, learning about the game, and having fun. The Rec version of soccer is a place where equal playing time is encouraged and the skill level of players will vary drastically. There will be children of all ages that are just starting soccer and there will be those that have been doing soccer for a few years. Rec soccer is traditionally not as big of a time commitment. So, if you are new to the sport of soccer, the recreational program is a great opportunity to find out if soccer is for you.

Player Selection

Tryouts - typically held late-May or early-June.

Player evaluations to help form equal strength teams.


Typically 8-12 games each season with 1/2 of the games played at home. Games are scheduled by our governing league - NH Soccer League.

Typically 6-8 games played all at home. Some older teams will need to travel to surrounding towns to play as there aren't enough Pelham teams.

Time Commitment

The Pelham Soccer Club asks its players to join for a full year (Aug 1-July 31). This means that players will play on teams in the Fall season AND the Spring season. It is also very likely that teams will play in a competitive indoor soccer or futsal league during the winter months. A strong work ethic and commitment from both players and parents is expected.

The Rec season is played from Sept through Nov and offers a lighter schedule and commitment.


PSC will practice 2 times per week for 1-1.5 hours each session (dependent on player age). Players are expected to make both practices.

Practices are held 1-2 times per week for 1-1.5 hours each session.

Coaching & Training

Coaches are required to carry a Coaching License of appropriate level, and the PSC hires professional trainers to work with their players each week during the season.

Coaches are often parents who have volunteered their time and are likely learning the game themselves.

Cost to Play

PSC has a moderate fee of $$350-$400 for members each year. This fee covers them for the Fall and Spring seasons as discussed above. Any tournaments, and winter trainer is an extra charge.

Pelham Parks & Rec charges $65 for the Fall season.