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Financial Aid

Pelham Soccer Club is committed to providing all young people the opportunity to play soccer, no matter what the circumstances. Through continual hard work and dedicated fundraising from all involved at the club, Pelham Soccer Club is happy to provide money annually to support the financial aid program.  Through this continual fundraising and help from generous sponsors, Pelham Soccer Club is able make sure that every player has the opportunity to play soccer.  With the Pelham Soccer Club's Financial Aid Program we are able to help more families than ever with the cost of playing soccer. 

The Pelham Soccer Club financial aid program is dependent on the success of the club's fundraising events. We ask all our club members to support the various fundraising events through participation and volunteering of time. If you wish to find out more about the 2015 fundraising events, please contact us. 

Financial Aid Program

If you wish to apply for Financial Aid please email us at pelhamsc@gmail stating that you would like assistance.  

Payment Plans

Pelham Soccer Club is also happy to customize a payment plan to suit you financial needs. We can help in extending your payments to a more manageable plan, as long as all payments are completed before the end of your season.  If you wish to find out more about a payment plan to suit your budget,  please contact Katie Crear at [email protected].